Symposium Retreat

(18–21 July 2019)

Christian Perspectives on the

Inner Transformation of a Peacemaker

A Symposium Retreat on Contemplation, Asceticism, and Practical Peacebuilding

IRPJ-OPF Symposium Retreat (Thursday to Sunday, July 18–21, 2019)

All Saints of North America Orthodox Monastery (Dewdney, BC)


Join us for the annual IRPJ-OPF Symposium Retreat 2019 on the theme of Christian perspectives on the inner transformation of a peacemaker. This Symposium Retreat will provide the opportunity for intellectual engagement with a variety of topics related to the interior foundation for practical peacemaking or how the transfiguration of our being and essence encourages an intuitive life of nonviolence (or less violence), loving our enemies, and repaying evil with good. The gathering will also set aside sacred space for engaging our inner life and transformation through the various ascetic and contemplative sessions of the retreat portion of this event.



The IRPJ-OPF Symposium Retreat 2019 will take place between the towns of Mission and Agassiz, BC, where most accommodations and amenities are located for those who will be traveling from a distance.

Please use the map below to locate appropriate accommodations near the location of the symposium retreat.



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