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Andrew Klager

Director – Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice

Pastor, speaker, nonviolent activist

Jarrod McKenna

Embracing peace in a violent world can be a challenging and lonely experience. The Perisson Podcast features co-hosts Andrew Klager and Jarrod McKenna interviewing peacemakers from around the world who work in a variety of contexts to subvert empire by loving enemies, repaying evil with good, and embracing a nonviolent way of life — by "doing more (perisson) than others" (Mt. 5:20, 46–48).


The responses of those we interview are meant to distill their "best of the best," their "aha moments," those pivotal ideas that clinched their commitment to nonviolence and peacemaking. And beyond the surface behaviour of nonviolent activists and thinkers, the podcast delves into the often neglected but rapidly becoming important inner world of peacemakers — the spiritual, ascetic, contemplative interior struggles that animate their exterior behaviour.

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