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Andrew P. Klager, PhD

Director – Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice

Thank you for considering the opportunity to support the important work that the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice carries out on behalf of the vulnerable, marginalized, oppressed, and voiceless in our divided world. IRPJ operates solely on revenue from tuition and donations from generous and encouraging donors just like you.


Your donation allows us to carry out our day-to-day operations, invest in the implementation of an unfolding vision for IRPJ, and deliver the following programs and initiatives (click  LEARN MORE  after each one):

In addition to these initiatives and our ongoing operations, the maintenance of partnerships and friendships, planning events, marketing and advertising, and recruiting students, your gift is also an investment in an unfolding vision for the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice that includes the following proposed initiatives:


  • A new Master of Arts in Peace and Justice that includes IRPJ's online courses, short 10-day intensive on-site module at SSU, 18-day travel study module in Scotland and Ireland, and a thesis.


  • Mobile Schools on the Inner Transformation of a Peacemaker in various conflict settings around the world.


  • Research and writing on peace theology, practical conflict transformation, interreligious peacebuilding, and the inner transformation of a peacemaker, including a new published IRPJ book series.

  • Hosting research fellows to generate new research output on peace theology, practical nonviolence and conflict transformation, interreligious peacebuilding, and the inner transformation of a peacemaker that can then be disseminated through publications, training manuals, new studies and meta-analyses, and public lectures.


Thank you once again for your generous support and for joining us in cultivating resurrection in a crucified world. Any amount, whether a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, is helpful and much appreciated.

With gratitude,

  • Curating our IRPJ Blog

  • The Kenarchy Journal

  • and Clarion Journal

  • Six-course, eight-month university accredited online Certificate in Religion, Peace and Justice

  • Online Peace Studies Track of the M.A. or M.Min in Theology & Culture at St. Stephen's University

  • Scholarships and bursaries offered to our students through the Jim Forest Fund

  • The participation and interaction with our students by our amazing Guest Lecturers

I want to donate now

All donation amounts are in Canadian dollars by default and can be either one-time or monthly donations. Official tax receipts will be sent out to donors in February. Donors can pay via credit card through PayPal without needing to create a new PayPal account by clicking "continue" after the line, "Use your credit card or bank account (where available)" on the redirected PayPal page.

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