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The Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice encourages its students to crowdfund their tuition costs through an IRPJ-branded GoFundMe campaign. While it's of course true that students can crowdfund their own education without our involvement, the benefits of crowdfunding in cooperation with IRPJ will make supporting your campaign more enticing to potential donors for the following reasons:


  • By linking your campaign under IRPJ's trusted moniker, this gives potential donors the confidence that the money they give is specifically earmarked for the student's education.

  • And perhaps most importantly, launching your crowdfunding campaign through IRPJ ensures that your campaign will be posted on IRPJ's Facebook page and Twitter account and will be emailed to subscribers, stakeholders, and friends of the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice and St. Stephen's University. This means that the folks who care most about IRPJ's Certificate program and our students will receive the first opportunity to support you.

To launch your crowdfunding in cooperation with IRPJ, fill out the application below, and we'll get in contact with you.

Upload Picture of Yourself

Thanks for submitting your application. We'll be in touch with you shortly!

IRPJ Crowdfunding Application

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