Complete St. Stephen's University's fully online six-course Certificate in Religion, Peace and Justice in as little as eight months. And what's more, students have the option of applying the courses of our Certificate towards an M.A. or M.Min in Theology & Culture (online Peace Studies Track) (for more info, visit here).

IRPJ's main initiative is our entirely online six-course graduate or undergrdaute Certificate in Religion, Peace and Justice that combines a focus on peace theology, the inner transformation of a peacemaker, an exploration of how religion can encourage peace and violence, and practical peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

"It's hard for me to put into words the personal transformation that I have undergone in such a short period of time." —Michelle Martin (graduate student)

"It is the best experience of distance learning I have participated in, mostly because the content is just so rich."        —Justin Eisinga (graduate student)

"I love the course content, the push to dig deeper in the reading material, and the challenge to write academically.    I just wish I could clear my schedule so I could study all day!" —Evy Klassen (graduate student)

“The program is excellent! It has the flexibility for people like me living on the other side of the globe. … It's simply wonderful!” —Jon Soriano (graduate student)

For any thoughtful person who wants to enhance their theology of peace, expand their practical peacebuilding skills, and pay more attention to their inner transformation as peacemakers, the IRPJ Certificate program includes courses that use a robust and well-organized online interface, video conferences with our amazing Guest Lecturers, creative and thought-provoking assignments, readings that will challenge you and expand your knowledge, lectures from our Core Faculty that are synchronized with Keynote presentations to simulate the classroom experience as much as possible, and a variety of informative and subversive video clips — most of them from our partner and friend, The Work of the People.



“If only there were more places like IRPJ equipping leaders so well in this vision and vocation: to take part in the nonviolent transfiguration of all things. IRPJ is for all who long for the Fire of nonviolent-love to become our personal experience in prayer, and our program for ecological and social witness.”


—Jarrod McKenna (pastor, activist)

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Jarrod McKenna

Andrew Klager


1. To help students, scholars, practitioners, and any thoughtful person genuinely reflect on and wrestle with issues of peace and violence through an engagement with Christian theology, Scriptures, and history in an ecumenical context and apply this process to contemporary challenges.


2. To be a teaching and research resource on issues related to the role of religion in peace and conflict and how to appropriate the values, teachings, rituals, and myths of the world religions to encourage peaceful coexistence. 


3. To prepare students—through education, inner transformation, and practical experience—to be peacemakers amidst conflict and violence, from interpersonal and community conflicts to interreligious, interethnic, and international conflicts.


Although the Certificate program of the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice is offered entirely online, we strongly believe in the power of face-to-face human encounters. So along with the interactive video conferencing that we integrate into our online courses, IRPJ students also have the option of face-to-face interactions by attending a session of the Canadian School of Peacebuilding as part of their Certificate program (click here for more info).



To be a teaching, research, and resource institute of St. Stephen’s University that provides students, scholars, practitioners, and any thoughtful person with a robust education and experience that integrates attentiveness to one's inner transformation, peace theology and social justice, an understanding of the role of religion in peace and violence, and practical peacemaking as a vocation and way of life.

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